Our Team


Our ultimate goal is to stand out in this highly competitive real estate business by providing tailored service to our customers, under the umbrella or MAREA CAPITAL. We are a group of highly motivated individuals, who are committed to exceed expectations with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Mohammad Abu Ghaush
Founder and CEO

Anait Martirosyan - Managing Partner at Marea Capital Properties

Anait Martirosyan
Managing Partner

Khalid Shabbir - Sales Director

Khalid Shabbir
Sales Director

Omer Saleem - Sales Director

Omer Saleem
Sales Director

Bradley Meechan
Senior Client Manager

Sufyan Khatri
Senior Client Manager

Milyausha Sayapova
Client Manager

Shoyeb Khatri
Head of Finance & Ops

Fahad Faqui
Accounts Manager

Osama Ezzo - customer service manager at marea capital properties

Oussama Ezzo
Customer Service Manager

Merna Jabaji
Quality Control Manager

Fahad Rashid
Head of Tech & Marketing

Aakash Babbar
Marketing Executive

Haider Ali
Photographer & Designer

Avais Dalvi
Human Resources Manager

Rinnah Intac
Admin Listing Specialist

Raquel Rivera
Admin Listing Specialist

Hamza Abu Ghaush
Operations Executive

Aram Martirosyan
Operations Executive